You May Want To Know:


                                     Open Singles Play @ Truman

When:  Wednesdays from 10 A.M. to 11:50 P.M. Recommended level of play for men and women is 3.5 and up.

          Volunteer Give Backs To The Pickleball Community 

FREE Advanced Drills Clinic conducted by our resident professional -- Deb Harrison, Fridays from 10 to 11:30 at Lk Miona, 1½ hours of concentrated drills and guided practice time for players rated 3.5-4.5 in the PCVG Villages Rating System.  (See our Men’s Ratings or Ladies Ratings pages on this web site by mouse clicking at the top of this page).  “Take It To The Next Level” by drilling muscle memory and skill repetition in a controlled environment.  Deb will select 3-4 particular components of the game each week and design drills that repeat the correct technique and end result with consistency.  It would help if continuity is established by weekly attendance but not mandatory.  Sign up Friday’s at Lake Miona Recreation Center.  There is NO WAITING LIST after the 24 available spaces are filled.
FREE Intermediate Strategies Clinic scheduled 1st Wednesday of each month at 10 AM at Lake Miona Courts.  This clinic has been designed (and is conducted by) by Jeff Shank, a national pickleball medalist, to teach an intermediate player (3.0 to 3.5) the skills and strategies needed to move up to the advanced level.  In order to participate, you must sign-up at Lk Miona Recreation Center.
FREE Intermediate Skills Clinic scheduled for Mondays at Churchill Rec Center courts from 3-5 PM.  This clinic is comprised of 2 sessions and is taught by our national medalist Richard “Coach Mo” Movsessian.  Prerequisites are PB 101 and 102 classes, an intermediate skill level or above ( a Rating level of 3.0 or 3.5 -- see website FAQs page by mouse clicking on FAQs  or at the top of this page).
Coach Mo will also be conducting a pickleball clinic every Thursday at the Big Cypress Recreation Center courts from 3:00 to 4:30 pm.  In order to participate, you must sign-up in advance of the clinic.  You may either phone Big Cypress (674-8385) and provide your name/number, or stop by the Recreation Center to sign-up.
     Rating Clinics  --  to establish a pickleball rating, are held at Lake Miona Courts on the 1st Thursday of each month.  The next clinic will be held November 5th at 3:00 pm ) -- you must visit Lake Miona Rec Center in person to sign-up.  There are only 48 openings, first come first served.
Sign-up sheets open precisely ONE week prior to the date of each clinic at 8:30 am, and NOT before.  This policy precludes the Rec. Dept. staff at Lk Miona having to have more than 1 sign-up sheet open at any one time ( can easily cause confusion ).

It also prevents players reserving slots as far out in time as they like, and then becoming "no shows" and hurting other players that wanted to sign up by denying them spaces that actually turned out to be available because of "no shows." 
Due to the numbers of pickleball players seeking unbiased assessments of their skills, PCVG has been extremely fortunate to have acquired the services of our Villages Resident Professional Instructor, Deb Harrison, and her hand picked and trained all-volunteer staff.

Since sign-ups are limited in number (42), and each clinic to date has had it's respective sign-up sheet completely filled, we have analyzed the sign-up process and have put in place  procedures to allow more players access to our clinics.

 A player attending a Rating Clinic will not be allowed to attend another Rating Clinic until 2 consecutive Rating Clinics have been conducted.
 Any player signing up for a Rating Clinic spot that does NOT attend the clinic will be deemed to be a “NO SHOW.”   “No Shows” will not be allowed to attend another clinic until 2 consecutive Rating Clinics have been conducted.

For example, a player attending our Rating Clinic in February, would NOT be eligible to attend another clinic until May.   Similarly, a  February “No Show” would not be eligible to attend another clinic until May  --  unless they notified Lk Miona at least 24 hours ahead of the clinic that they had to cancel. 

Our goal is to conduct clinics with sufficient frequency to satisfy demand, not overburden our all volunteer staff, and prevent players from signing-up and then not showing up, or attending each clinic by being quicker on the phone or close to Lk Miona so that they can continuously attend clinics and minimize slots that would have otherwise been available.

Shout out THANK YOU to Deb Harrison and her all volunteer team of raters:
Ann Day , Bob Fox , Cathy Bluemling , Denise Boutin, Diane Bock, Dick Scott , Doug and Nancy Balne, Ernie Tomlinson, Jeff and Anita Shank, John Mrachek, Laurie Zacco, Margaret Morgan, MaryAnne Madak , Mike Guyot, Mike Rusaw , Nancy Nowak , Ron Jenkins , Rosemarie Pietromonoco , Ruth Weil , Susan Gapen

Pickleball Information -- Who is allowed to call Non-volley Zone Foot Faults?

USAPA has now Published Rule  9.G. as follows:

9.G. For non-officiated play, non-volley zone faults may be called by any player on either team.

Helpful video below:

All Faults: including Foot Faults, touching the net or post, double bounce, ball touching player or clothing, violation of any rule can be called by either team. This is not a rule change.

Note:  The common practice is most players treat Faults the same as Line Calls in that they can only be called by the player(s) on the same side as the line being called.  Therefore, for Faults, on the same side that committed the infraction.  This contradicts the Rules.

Rule 6.D.1. States that Players will make all line calls on their side of the court (excluding the non-volley line, if being called by a referee).

The Code of Ethics is important to understand. It contains sub sections that clarify the Ethics regarding Line Calls.  According to Rule 6.D.2, The opponent gets the benefit of the doubt on line calls made.

Setting aside LINE CALLS for the moment, a similar code of ethics applies to other faults.  Pickleball is a game of integrity and sportsmanship.  Calling faults should help improve everyone's level of play and not be called just to win.  No call should be made unless it is certain a fault occurred.  For Foot Faults, players must realize that the toe of a shoe can be over the line but not touching it. Stand with a toe over the line and slide a piece of paper under the toes until it touches the shoe.

The purpose for calling foot faults in recreational play is to improve the game for everyone. It helps us learn better body position, better muscle memory, where to place our feet, how far you can safely lean forward and how to control your momentum.

Always be polite. For example: “Excuse me, foot fault”, or just point to the offending foot.

Watch the ball or watch the feet. It is difficult to do both.  Watch the ball and become a better player.  Do not focus on minor foot faults where the toes are barely touching the line. They are similar to line calls when the ball overlaps the line. It may be out, but can a player really tell if it is in or out in a split second. Give the benefit of doubt to the opponent and just play the ball. The same is true of foot faults.

Bottom line, play the game and have fun.

New recreation league sign-up process being implemented this Fall

A new recreation league sign-up process is being implemented this Fall.   The biggest change occurring is the process in which residents may sign up for leagues.  We anticipate this to be an easier and more user friendly process.   In years past,  residents have had to sign up at the center where the league was to be held.  This year, an all-inclusive 4 page insert in the recreation news will be released on September 10th.  This insert will have all leagues listed with a check box listed next to each league.  The residents will check all leagues that they wish to apply for,  as well as provide information on themselves and a section to list team partners.  The inserts/registration forms are to be submitted to any regional recreation center from September 10th-September 25th between 8:30AM to 5PM.   As part of the registration form, there is a received/date/time box that the recreation staff will fill in when the registration form is turned in.  All league requests will be processed in the order that they are received.  As leagues fill up, we will create additional timeslots as needed.


Quick Facts: August 27th and September 3rd- Banner AD in recreation news informing residents of the league listings and registration being released September 10th. 

September 10th-  League insert in recreation news- Applications accepted.  

September 25th- Last day to register for Leagues.

             INTERMEDIATE TEAM Pickleball fall Signup Procedures and Info.

Intermediate mixed team pickleball will play on Mondays from 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM at Sea Breeze Recreation Center from October through the end of December.  Players MUST be in the Village Rating System ( as 3.0 or 3.5.  Maximun 64 players:  play will alternate each week from 10 to 11:30 or 11:30 to 1:00.Sign up by emailing your name, email address, phone number, gender and rating to:  If you have any questions or feel you cannot commit to each Monday and would rather sub, please email to the above address.

            Indoor Pickleball Play -- October 15th  “OPEN” Session

            Come Play pickleball from 3-5 pm at The first Baptist Church of Oxford air conditioned gymnasium.  This session will be OPEN, meaning that there are no sign-ups, no facility fees, and all equipment will be provided.  Play indoors to beat the heat, the sun, the rain, and eliminate wind.  Rest rooms are 20 seconds away.

NOTE: Regular indoor sessions are available weekly on Thursdays from 3-5pm; however, Reservations are needed, and there is a small $3 fee to cover the cost of Air Conditioning and lighting.  To join the fun, simply phone Steve at least 1 day ahead of the Thursday date you are interested in playing  (352)751-7437.

          Pickleball Community Email Group -- Invitation

The Pickleball Community Volunteer Group (PCVG) consists of 12 members functionally organized to train and provide volunteers for Rec. Dept. Pickleball lessons, clinics, and tournaments for the enjoyment of the Pickleball community in The Villages.

The PCVG has a sizable list of accomplishments; however, we tend to fall a tad short in distributing information.  The frequently occurring response to the question of why didn’t you watch the XXX tournament, or why didn’t you participate in the ABC Beginner Tournament, attend the Intermediate Clinic to learn new skills, etc., always seems to come down to I wasn’t aware, or I didn’t know, or I was never told.

PCVG has been using Daily Sun newspaper articles, postings at court and Recreation Center Bulletin boards, and announcements made verbally to participants at lessons, clinics, tournaments -- to  “Get The Word Out.”  PCVG is proud of it’s web site, which contains a PCVG Calendar page of scheduled events, and a Beginner Schedule page, alas -- all these efforts have been wanting for 1 reason or another.  The grape vine method fails to reach many people, the newspaper is not read every day, and when read -- sometimes the “word” is in the single section of the paper that many people do not read or didn’t peruse the day it appeared.  Our web site is only as good as people visiting it, and opening the link (page) where the information appears.  It requires an action, rather than being passive.  PCVG believes the answer lies in a Pickleball Community Group EMAIL List.

PCVG now has a master list of EMAIL addresses.  To be on the list, you simply have to email your name and desired email address to

The sole purpose of this list is to disseminate information of interest to the Villages Pickleball community.

If any group decides to conduct a Pickleball social, or get together, and they want to get the message out, they only have to email with the information.

The item will be reviewed by the 2 person PCVG Email committee for relevance and appropriateness, and then be promptly transmitted to everyone in the group.

Email has numerous advantages over every other means of disseminating information.  It is fast, everyone receives the email within minutes of each other, it is free, and because the recipient doesn’t even have to do anything but glance at the subject (doesn’t even have to open the email), it is passive.  Most all Villagers use email each day as a means of communicating with friends, relatives, social groups, business entities, etc.  By joining the Villages Pickleball Community group, you will be kept informed of all Pickleball activities of general interest to Villagers.  The email address list will be accessed/maintained solely by 2 PCVG members, and not be available to the public, nor disclosed to any group or organization.  However, since the PCVG is under the auspices of the Recreation Department, a government entity, when a District employee receives any PCVG email, the emails become public record.

To join the Pickleball Community EMAIL Group, you have merely to email your name and preferred email address to: 

Hope to hear from you, and wish you and yours good health,

Steve L. Richter

PCVG Chairperson